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4-2-6 Breath

Breath of 4, 2, 6. Is a powerful breathing exercise for distilling anxiety. By calming down the breath and regulating it back to a normal rhythm when it’s either frozen or hyper because 4, 2, 6, calms the nervous system.This 4,2,6 breath is therefore good for anxiety, relaxation, detoxification and mental anguish.It requires the breath to be held for a count of 2, but if you have any health concerns that is incompatible with controlling your breath in any way, do not hold (consult a doctor and follow your doctor’s recommendation). Perhaps do 4, 6 or even 2 & 4 (without holds). Better still go to the unit titled ‘Mindfulness Upon The Breath’, as they will be more suitable for you!Other wise start by Inhaling through your nose.