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It can be all too easy to spend our lives constantly ‘on the go’. Over time this can make us unable to relax and switch off at the end of a busy day because we no longer know how to. Not getting the downtime we need, can make us feel run down, overwhelmed, and low in energy.

Restorative yoga can be a welcome change of pace from more active styles of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Ashtanga. In these sessions, you will be supportively held by props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters to allow your muscles the opportunity to soften and let any tension melt away. If you don’t own props the teacher will let you know at the start of the class which household objects can be used instead. Although the poses are usually held for between 5-20 minutes, no effort is required which gives you the chance to enter a state of deep relaxation, in which healing can occur within the body and the mind. Restorative yoga can help to boost the immune system, improve mobility and flexibility, and can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

After a restorative yoga session, you can expect a feeling of lightness and ease within the body, and a deep sense of stillness and calm within the mind.