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Do you find that you are holding onto some difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear which you are struggling to let go of? No matter of much you exercise your posture doesn’t change and the same patterns within your body return?

Yin Yoga involves a selection of seated and lying down postures which are held for 3-10 minutes at a time. It is a gentle form of Yoga, where you do not go to the fullest extent of any guided pose. So at first, you may not feel like much is happening, but as you maintain the pose you become aware of gravity stretching your body. Meanwhile, you’ll be guided to observe, feel, and yield into the subtle and yet deep shifts of the transformation. Yin Yoga releases the fascia around the muscles, which opens the joints and improves flexibility. This helps to release tension within the body. It is thought that emotions can become ‘stuck’ and lead to tightness within both the body and the mind. Yin Yoga improves the flow of life energy (‘chi’ or ‘prana’), which helps to release these emotions and balance the internal organs. Props may be used in some poses in order to provide support or to help encourage relaxation as gravity stretches the body.

After a Yin practice, you can expect a sense of all-round wellbeing and balance within the body and mind, and find that any worries and concerns have melted away. The flexibility which is gained from a regular Yin practice can also help to deepen your practice in other styles of yoga.