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Are you looking to build some strength and tone in your muscles? Are you experiencing tension from being sat at a desk all day? Are you craving the feeling of satisfaction that comes from an invigorating full-body workout?

Pilates focuses on strengthening and toning the entire body, from the pelvic floor locks & abdominal core, all the way up and out to the four limbs. The core muscles are the foundation of a Pilates practice, which begins with exercises carried out on a mat, and may later move onto the use of equipment (when in a studio). An experienced teacher will adapt studio-based equipment with other practices so you won’t miss out on gaining that additional resistance or support. The benefits of Pilates will be seen and felt in the improvement of your posture, increased balance and mobility, and a boost in your overall fitness.

After a Pilates class, you can expect to feel strong both mentally and physically, and feel more connected to your physical body. The exertion will help any stress or anxiety to ease, and will also provide a welcome boost of energy. The exercises themselves will help to warm and loosen the muscles within the body, releasing any tension.