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Preparation is Key

To ‘The Virtual Holistic Centre’s’ home page. From here you can click on an image and it will take directly to the section in this hub.

Please know the this hub was started during lockdown, by Dionne, a healing creative that recently ( five years ago) specialised in Yoga Nidra, the trained in healing sound and now deliver’s her own derivative called Yoga Nidra Soundscape. Therefore there are more of her works in here at the moment than anyone else.. Most of which can be found in order of the number of lockdowns the UK (cause she is British) has had.

In time, more healers, therapists and teachers of different healing modalities work will grow.

  • Prepare a space
  • Have a cover over you, even if its half of your and its lightweight (a jacket, scarf).
  • Think about light. How much would you like to let in (shine down upon your eye lids).
  • Set a timer if it’s in the middle of the day.
  • CAUTION ⚠️ Do not practice Dionne’s Lucid Dreaming classes’s if you suffering from a condition that cause your to disassociate from your body.