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Are you feeling overwhelmed, agitated, or anxious? Have you been struggling to switch off and drift into a restful sleep? Is this having a notable effect on your life such as; difficulty concentrating, leathery, anxiety?

Lie down in a comfortable position and let yourself be surrounded by the soothing vibrations of gentle sounds. These sounds can come from a variety of sources, including gongs, singing bowls, shamanic/ frame drums, classical Indian (drones) instruments percussion instruments, chimes, and more. ‘Bathing’ yourself in the frequencies and vibrations from these sounds is thought to unlock any blocked energy and can have powerful effects, such as calming the body and mind, boosting the immune system, improving concentration, and reducing negative emotions. Sound baths have been used for thousands of years in different cultures across the world to heal body/mind.

During the sound bath, you may notice a physical release in a variety of ways, such as movement and temperature change are colours behind your closed eyes. At the end of your sound bath, you can expect to feel a reduction in tension in both the body and mind, an improvement in mood, and fewer negative thoughts. The state of deep relaxation experienced during a sound bath will also aid restful and restorative sleep.