Reframing Resilience w Simone L’Abbe

Provides A Keynote Talk Followed By A Meditation

Philosophy Pillars; –

  • Resilience is so much more than being tough
  • Accepting yourself as you are in the present moment
  • Knowing that you already have all of the tools and resources within you to thrive
  • Moving beyond survival mode with ease
  • Realise that you can handle anything
  • Finding growth in every challenge
  • Connecting to your innate worth through the feel fully process
  • Learn the feel fully process and meditation style to become more resilient
Simone L'Abbe

Simone L’Abbé is a resilience coach and meditation teacher from Toronto, Canada who works mainly with women on difficult fertility journeys. She is a trained yoga instructor and doula, and builds on her own experiences with burnout, infertility, and grief to support her clients in cultivating resilience, empowerment, and self-connection.