Sound Bath w Evelina Petreikyte

Sound Bath

Sound Healing – Retains our systems so the start to sing in harmony with one another. With sound we can change our vibration and start healing ourselves. We don’t need to put any effort for healing. sound heal by itself. Sound just like water flows where it needs to flow. Sound is powerful tool to heal ourselves. It is art form which can energise us and calm. In this sound session Evelina will use the power of sound to calm the mind and i will help you to overcome stress, insomnia, overthinking. When the mind is rested it is easy to feel and hear your heart and soul needs. It is easy to find that inner peace which is within us

To receive this lye down and place two pillows underneath your knees and one underneath your head and cover yourself with a blanket. then shout out the light! It’s also useful if you could make sure the system you are listening on is central to your body, Either at your heals or your feet and enjoy!

Evelina Petreikyte

Is a sound healing practitioner. From Lithuanian – passionate about music, sound healing & sound itself, with the fascination of vibrations &frequencies.

I found that sound is a powerful tool to heal ourselves. Because everything is vibration and frequency. That fact changed my understanding of myself, others, the world, the Universe about the highest energies. She also does tuning fork therapy one to one, as well as sound baths, which includes, shamanic drum, singing bowls, rattles, Lithuanian traditional instrument, kankles and others ancient music instruments which she intuitive uses.