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Wellbeing In The Workplace

We all have come to realise welling in the workplace is not a fade or something that is not a problem, but the individuals   Is outdated and that the health of an individual is now the health of the whole.  This is why it’s paramount that we work together to stay healthy, strong and united.  Both during, as well as after this pandemic.

How Can We Help You?

Administering self-care is beneficial for one mental health as well as physical.  An individual gains self-confidence and increases their positivity.  By implementing regular self-care techniques and exercises like Yoga, Pilates & Qi Gong

Here inside the hub, you are;

  • Investing in your mental outlook
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Applying stress-management

Research has shown that mindfulness practices improve concentration, resilience to stress, lower blood pressure, improve morale and more.  While massage decreases stress, is used as a preventative measure for headaches/ migraines, eye strain, it too is beneficial for high blood pressure and one’s immune system.  It acts as a preventative to repetitive strain injuries & motivates employees.  So it’s better for productivity!  Although in-person bodywork cannot be done, there are techniques and movements taught, to gain the same desired effects, if and when they are applied..

This three-prong tier starts with you investing in your company.  By taking this first step of showing up for your employees.  So they will show up to class, here at TVHC by stepping towards becoming more ethical you are transforming how you do business,  For we project its not enough to merely stay safe.  As the implications of simply doing that alone may leave damaging effects.  So we all must take the next step, which is, to stay healthy!
Our online hub has facilitators that will show up to help you achieve this..